Might a recommend a few items to buy during the PictureBox sale? Here we go:

Gary Panter: Our two-volume, 700-page masterpiece can be had for less than $20. At normally $95 that’s just silly. Buy two and give one away!

A PBox-fave, Wipe That Clock off Your Face, now just $10. This is Brian Belott’s visual manifesto and a must for anyone professing interest in my paltry company. Likewise Trinie Dalton’s Mythtym — one of my personal favorites and a much slept-on book upon its release. Get it now for less than $10. Features everyone from Sammy Harkham to Takeshi Murata to Paper Rad to Sue de Beer to Aurel Schmidt. Great shit.

World of Pain 1: We just got a warehouse stash of the great James Jarvis’s very first comic book from 2000. Seriously. If you’re in a James Jarvis mood, you can still get an original page from De Profundis, now for just $100. Jeez. Also in from the UK: Tales of Greenfuzz 2 and 3

Shit, what about those Negron hand-drawn dust jackets? Now just $70!

Why not introduce yourself to Rory Hayes by purchasing a mammoth collection of his early work for just $21. 

Or hey, get a discount on a couple of brand new PBox releases.Try out a book by the great young British group Famicon: DNA Failure. Yours for just $10. Kinda hard to lose there.

Finally, have you ever experienced Overspray? This is simply our most exquisitely produced book, all in service to the sparkling airbrush culture of 1970s Los Angeles. Normally $50 and right now less than $15!

Remember, the coupon code is PBOX and the sale is only until December 3rd. 

 that’s right, original hand drawn dust jackets now for $70 each! (comes with book of course) 

(via pictureboxinc)